Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Home Energy Audit
Air Sealing & Insulation
Duct Leakage Testing - Blower door Testing
Evaporative (Swamp Cooler) Maintenance

reduce your energy use and increase your comfort level.

We identify areas of your home that are in need of improvements. With our Home Energy Audit you find out where your home is losing costly energy. Our detailed report will outline solutions to your energy loses. Some solutions can be fixed by the typical weekend warrior or if short on time we can provide these services as well. We provide installation for the following services - Air Sealing, Insulation, Weather Stripping, Energy Star Appliance purchase, Lighting Upgrades, Cumbustion Appliance Zone Safety Test and much more to help you save.

Please look at our projects page for quick ideas on how to conserve. Many ways that cost very little to implement. Many improvements can be made to your home. From the Attic to the Basement and crawlspaces, find out how and why these improvements will keep your home more comfortable.

See what improvements we make to the average home.

Home Energy Score - Energy Audit - Air-Sealing - Insulation
Weather Stripping - Lighting - CAZ Testing

Infrared Inspection Services

With our Infrared Camera we can identify many different things that cannot be seen by the human eye. Flat Roof Inspections, Moisture Detection, Missing Insulation, Commercial Electrical and Manufacturing Maintenance Plan

Latest News

  • January 2020

    Xcel Energy Rebate Changes

    Rebates will change a little this year. Now easier to apply and use. A great way to improve your home and save on the upgrade at the same time. Check Here