Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared Roof inspection

Helping your company save money on maintenance. Often when we come to check your roof we will help you make a plan to enable you to complete the desired work.
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A new roof on your home or building can cost more than you have in your budget. With our Infrared Camera we can identify where the leak has started and how far the leak has spread. Marking these areas with spray paint will enable the roofing company you choose to take out a portion of the roof and do a repair instead of an entire roof line. Infrared scans are non invasive. You do not have to cut into walls and physically see what is there. This process can save you thousands of dollars and allow you to use these funds in other areas that are needed. Call today and find out how we can help your home or business.

Updating your light bulbs can save you 70% or more in electricity use. See how.
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Do your part to help the environment. It as easy as throwing out the garbage.
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